April 14, 2008

A Quick Word on the Redlight Cameras

A few months ago, the issue of the red-light cameras (Which i like to refer to as the Redflex Redlight Cameras) came to the forefront due to an incident in which a Knox County resident allegedly shot out one of the cameras. I'm not here to comment on that, just to mention the fact that, that is what got me interested in the topic.

Like many people I was shocked by arrival of those cameras into our community. The contract between this private company out of Arizona and the City of Knoxville was put forth as a way to increase revenue and improve road safety. The reality has been contrary to the idea however.

I realize this is a city issue technically, but the county citizens are impacted and they have less recourse. I believe it is beholden of our elected officials to watch for injustice perpetrated by all parties, including other branches of government.

If you are interested in discussing this further I am more than happy to just contact me.

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